El Nido, Palawan – The Most Beautiful Island In the World

Is El Nido on your bucket list? Are you planning a once in a lifetime trip to this beautiful place? If not, then you should! Don’t be scared away by this new adventure. Once you get to paradise, you’ll wish you’d book to stay just a bit longer.

Last May/June I got to go on the most unbelievable trip ever with the most incredible women, my mom! She is definitely a trooper and quite the backpacker I didn’t realize she’d be. We traveled the 7 seas(or what seemed like it) and finally landed in the Philippines. This was the beginning of our month long venture. El Nido, Palawan has always been a bucket list item for me. And this was my chance! CN Traveler rated El Nido, Palawan to be the most beautiful island in the world. I too, have listed it on the top of my favorite places to be.


boats on a crystal clear beach in el nido palawan philippines overlooking mountains

The beach at Caalan Beach Resort. View from breakfast

The tour packages (A,B,C,D) differs in the excursion types, with A being the most popular. During the 4 days we were there, we did tour A and C. Tour A is very scenic and C hands down, offered some of the best snorkeling I’ve ever done! If you are planning to visit El Nido, I’d recommend staying at least 3 nights to make the most of your long journey here. We wasted a whole day getting to and leaving El Nido. I linked each destination to its appropriate tripadvisor page for more info and photos. 75% of the time I’m using tripadvisor, so I find it most appropriate here as well.

Tour A: Small & Big LagoonSecret LagoonSeven Commando BeachSimizuPayong-Payong

Tour C: Hidden BeachTapiutan BeachStar BeachMatinloc Island, Helicopter Island

turquoise waters of the small lagoon in el nido palawan philippines

girl in the turquoise blue waters on a beach by limestone cliffs in el nido palawan philippines

girl kayaking the big lagoon in el nido palawan philippines

girl on a crystal clear turquoise blue beach in el nido palawan philippines

beach bbq on a secluded beach in el nido palawan philippines

beach bbq on a secluded beach in el nido palawan philippines

During your tour around the lagoons, you’ll have an option to kayak at leisure around the big lagoon. The rental is about 400php for a double kayak. I had a lot of good memories kayaking with my mom(it was her first time). There were about 5-6 kayaks on the lagoon the same time we were. The feeling of paddling between towering walls of limestone is quite majestic.  The beach BBQ was awesome! We had pork chops, squid, crabs, and grilled fish, with veggies and fresh fruits. The mango is out of this world! I’ve never had mango so sweet and fragrant.

real life nemo clownfish while snorkeling in el nido palawan philippines

diving in palawan el nido philippines

Here’s a family of clown fish we found hiding in their homes. Hello! I carried my fiancé’s gopro around quite a bit. But due to user errors, I completely bombed my first day of recordings. The first couple of videos I recorded had sunblock smudges everywhere! I’m still learning quite a bit but I finally got it to work (most of the time) Yippee! Here’s a short clip of my snorkel adventures on tour C. Can you spot that HUGE blue starfish? This has got to be my favorite spot yet! The water is clear, the corals are vivid and alive, the abundance of different brightly colored fish and that drop-off is so amazing. Videos cannot do it justice. And the best part is, there’s hardly anyone around. That’s the beauty of this place. El Nido is yet to be spoiled by large amounts of tourists.


Wondering how to get here and where we stayed? Read this! My guide on how to get to paradise.