Snow Covered Evergreens in Finland’s Gorgeous Lapland

Crossing the arctic circle on our Scandinavian tour was a pretty exciting point for me. On our arrival in Kuusamo, the airport was as tiny and empty as you could imagine. It was 9:30pm and we still had to pick up our rental car. Luckily it was right across from baggage claim. We loaded the car and headed to our cabin in isolated parts of Ruka. Circling our path 5-6 times and trending through snow that came up to my knees, but we finally found our cozy little cabin. Needless to say, it took us no time to start building a fire to warm our toes!

Red wooden cabin in winter Lapland finland

The next couple of days were a mix of hiking through wooded snow covered trees, past frozen lakes and sliding down frozen stairways. There is definitely magical about the Finnish lapland. Was it the pink skies, the wildlife, the snow covered terrain, the northern lights on crisp, clear nights, or the genuinely nice locals? There was something special about this place that I  just couldn’t put my finger on.

snow covered trees in lapland finland

Leaving Kuusamo and Oulanka, we made our way towards Pallas-Yllas. Surprising, driving in Finland is a whole lot easier than Iceland! The roads are perfectly plowed and there was not the slightest bit of wind. The air was fresh, crisp and very cold!

oulanka finland wooden cabin by the river

milky way away winter landscape lapland finland

Snowmobiling the Finish lapland, over frozen lakes and through snow covered trees hunting for the northern lights was one of my favorite memories. Some other highlights of this trip included husky sledding in Levi, meeting reindeers, snowshoeing through the mountains and my first time snowboarding in Yllastunturi! I bruised my bum several times in exchange for a couple of laughs going down the bunny slopes. Snowboarding is harder than it seems, but nonetheless I came out victorious!

We went snowmobiling with Snowfun Safari in Äkäslompolo and husky sledding with Husky Safari in Levi. Both are wonderful! Snowman also rents out snow shoes and snowmobiles for your own use. Since we arrived late, they offered to deliver our snow shoes to our cabin without any additional fees. That was beyond my expectations. Quick and easy to communicate with, I loved Snowfun Safari! Husky Safari is family owned and operated. The huskies are just the cutest and very excited to go for a morning run through the Lapland. After which you’ll roast sausages and have some hot cider in a warm hut. You can also meet their reindeers. The reindeers here are losing their antlers, but they’ll grow new ones in the spring/summer.

Happy Travels!