Travel Deal: Air Tahiti Nui To New Zealand & Tahiti

My fiancé came across this great travel deal and I thought I’d share it with you all. The promotion can be found on the airline’s website ( There are several deals including a 3 country pass (New Zealand, Australia and Tahiti) but the one I liked most in particular is the one to New Zealand and Tahiti. It includes a free 3-night stay at either the Le Meridien or the InterContinental in Tahiti, both being 5-star resorts. The price starts from $1048 with travel dates from June 1, 2017 until March 31, 2018 with some black out dates. There is a 45 day limit on travel for the entire journey and a 5 day limit on the Tahiti stopovers. You may stop over twice, on the trip to and the return, to equal 10 full days in Tahiti. If you are looking for a romantic getaway or planning your honeymoon, this is a perfect option!

Travel Four Seasons Bora Bora

Photo by the Four Seasons Bora Bora

I did some quick researching and found that a night stay would be around $250/night for a standard room. If you are planning to stay at either resort on Tahiti, this trip is definitely worth it for the 3 free nights. Taking that into account, airfare would be about $675/person from LAX to stop at both New Zealand AND Tahiti! Usual airfare to only 1 of these destination alone is already $900 plus, not to mention without 3 free nights!

You might be wondering what is the best time to visit Tahiti? The best time to go is from the end of April – the end of October as this is their dry season. Dry season also means water clarity is at it’s best because there is minimal rain to stir up sediments and cloudy the waters. Wet season is from November through March. The air is more humid and rain is more likely. Though, as I was reading, it seems like the down-pour is mainly in the evening and likely to only last around 20-30 minutes. Flights from Tahiti to other islands are also possible with Bora Bora and Moorea flights averaging only about 150 euros one way to Bora Bora and 50 euros to Moorea.

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Photo by the InterContinental Tahiti

When is a good time for New Zealand? That depends on much of what you’d like to see and do. For those living in the northern hemisphere, it’s easy to forget that the seasons are completely opposite! Here’s a rough guide for seasons in New Zealand.

Seasonal guide for New Zealand
Summer – December, January, February (Perfect for hiking and outdoor activities) Temp: 21 – 32C or 70 – 90F
Autumn – March, April, May (Fall foliage, hiking, and kayaking) Temp: 7 – 21C or 45 – 70F
Winter – June, July and August (Perfect time to see the aurora australis) Temp: 1.5 – 15C  or 35 – 60F
Spring – September, October, November (Vibrant spring flowers, fruit trees, baby wildlife) Temp: 4.5 – 18C or 40 – 65F

Travel Hobbiton New Zealand

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What did I choose? I chose to go at the very end of March, as vacation days for me this year is completely booked up. I also really wanted to see the southern lights or aurora australis which can be seen as early as March. The air in New Zealand is turning a bit crisper due to the coming for autumn (which I love) and it will also be the end of the wet season in the French Polynesian. Shoulder seasons also mean lower prices and less crowds, which is another plus! Though if vacation days permitted this year, my other choice would definitely be September into October. Why? For the gorgeous spring flowers in New Zealand, the southern lights can still be seen and it would still be dry season in Tahiti.

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Good luck planning! To book, you must call and ask to book this promotion. This is not a paid post.