Under the Tuscan Sun: Finding Sunflower Fields in Tuscany

June, July and August fill the Tuscan countrysides with fields of golden sunflowers. If it’s these you seek, you’ve found the right post! Fall in love with Tuscany and all of its rolling hills, from the olive trees, vineyards and sunflower fields. I was in Tuscany the beginning of July. The buds have bloomed, fields were golden and buzzing with honey bees. My summer under the Tuscan sun was pure bliss. 

sunflower fields in Tuscany Italy

Starting in June, and depending on the wether, the buds start blooming. The bloom is peak around the last week of June all through July and if weather permits, until mid-August. The blooms begin much faster in the south of Tuscany than in the north. Keep in mind that some fields are prettier and smaller than others, but don’t worry, you’ll definitely find many big and small if you visit in the summer.

The best way to see these fields is of course by driving! Driving is quite easy and the roads are not as crowded as many highways you’ll find in the United States even during high season. We drove from the Cinque Terre to Tuscany and found many golden fields. The best route to find these fields that I’ve seen is from Buonconvento towards Pienza. You can also find them all around that region but more spread out. There are many fields along the roads which you can pull over and take photos freely.

sunflower fields in Italy

Where is the prettiest sunflower field?

Now let me share with you me favorite field. The prettiest of them all can be found in Buonconvento. Past the town on Strada Provinciale 75, you’ll find two small fields, both pretty but you’ll notice that the flowers face the “wrong way.” Sunflowers exhibit solar tracking patterns. They follow the sun’s movement from east to west throughout the day, which is why you often find fields of them all facing the same way. Add night they assume random orientation then at dawn they turn again to face east for sunrise. Once the buds mature, the stems stiffen and they remain facing east. I find it pretty amazing, but kind of annoying when you’re trying to find the perfect field with a perfect background to photograph. The third one you’ll drive by, that’s the one. You can’t miss it on your right. It’s huge and totally memorizing. GPS coords: Latitude: 43.13361 Longitude: 11.50545

When you drive by this field, you’ll understand why I love it so much! The field is expansive and on hilling hills and relatively easy to access. It also has a background of the classic tuscan hills and for sunset, this the is best field. The sun is perfectly behind the sunflowers which gives you a beautiful golden hue behind the hills.

sunset sunflower field Italy

The best place to stay:
Podere Salicotto

This cute little villa is only about 5 mins away from the fields walking. My fiancé and I will take our even ing walks here and it’s very romantic. You’ll pass the fields and another villa on your right and Podere Salicotto is the very next villa after. The villa is perfectly located, as it’s only about 20-30 minutes away from other towns and there’s also great food in town. The pool is a nice especially in the summer and the breakfast is spectacular. There’s also many tables and chairs in the garden and around the villa to sit and lounge and watch the surrounding countryside.

Podere Salicotto in Tuscany italy

Where to eat:
Ristorante Pizzeria Le Antiche Mura

Please note that pizza is usually only served for dinner here in Italy, don’t make the mistake we did. Though you will find little shops selling them throughout the day but in restaurants, they are usually only served at dinner. This little restaurant is very good and reasonably priced. The pasta is fresh and it was interestingly to find out afterwards that President Obama had been there!

Pizzeria Da Roby Di Carrano Raffaele
We went here for dinner. It’s a order and take out sort of place. You order and give them about 15 minutes to make. We took a box home for 7 euros and it was surprisingly very delicious! We ate it in the garden while watching the sunset.
Happy Travels!


  1. August 4, 2017 / 5:10 pm

    WOW this is just incredible. Wish we could travel here and take the most romantic photo ever. Love reading about your adventures in Europe ?

    • Nhi
      August 4, 2017 / 5:24 pm

      Thank you darling. ❤️ Yes, you two must go! I can already imagine the incredible photos you would take. I can’t wait to see them! Now I must go read your post about these whale sharks! ?