Discover French Polynesia: Beyond Paradise

Johnny and I have always wanted to visit the French Polynesian islands. We just couldn’t believe we’d got to visit so soon! I posted a post way back when about an amazing deal he found to fly there from Los Angeles. It was a steal truly! Ever since then, all we could dream of is our return one day. We bounced from island to island and stayed a little over a week. We visited the main 3 islands, Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. If I could pick a favorite, it would definitely be Bora Bora! Our goal next time is to visit the other islands. If you’ve been, drop me a hello and tell me which one was your favorite and recommendations of other islands! I’d really love to know.

Bora Bora

We stayed at the Four Seasons and let me tell you, it was such a dream come true!! Never have I experienced such amazing service and a better resort. I found an amazing deal for an overwater bungalow (in my opinion). Normally the same bungalow runs around ~1500 USD/night during low/shoulder season and ~2300 USD/night during peak season. I found a room facing the iconic mountains for $800 USD/night! How could I have resisted?! Yes, we didn’t have a pool, but who needs one when you’ve got this gorgeous lagoon surrounding you?! My advice is to check often because deals do spring up especially for dates during low and shoulder seasons (December – March). We asked the locals what the difference was between the seasons, and they said it’s mainly the humidity. The air is much wetter/more humid during low season. If you’re worried about rain, you’ll hardly find constant heavy downpours that’ll last for days. We stayed for a total of about 8 days and never had a single day of rain.
**Room tip: Bungalows facing the mountain have the best views
Book in advance for deep discounts and free breakfast deals

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From Tahiti, Bora Bora was just a short flight away. There were several flights a day and if you’re wo rried about your departure flight being to close to the time of arrival, let me assure you that the Tahiti airport is so small it’s not a problem. We arrived at around 5:30am and departed to Bora Bora at 7am with ample time in between to spare. The plane is a tiny propeller plane and baggage space is limited. It wasn’t so much of a problem for us though. We enjoyed the short flight there and it’s really cool seeing the lagoon and several resorts around the lagoon from above. A private yacht transfers you from the Bora Bora airport to your resort upon arrival. For us it was about a 20-25 minute ride. If you’re thinking about visiting other resorts or the main island and vice versa, it’s a bit of a challenge and get quite expensive. Boat transfers from the resorts cost about $100 USD per person per way, so decided it was fine to just stay at our resort. It had everything we needed anyways!


Moorea was our 2nd stop. The water was choppier than Bora Bora and had much more corals. Where we were at the Four Seasons Bora Bora didn’t have as much corals, which I prefer, and it still has an abundant amount of tropical fish. It was more of an authentic escape though since we were about to drive around on our scooter and see how the locals lived and were able to eat at locals restaurants and cafes. The pineapple farm is a must visit and it was super easy to just rent a scooter to get around. Moorea from Tahiti is just short ferry ride away. It was really easy to book and we did not have to reserve in advance. It wasn’t that expensive either. I’d recommend visiting Moorea if you’re already on Tahiti and looking for a short getaway that doesn’t require flying. We stayed at both the Intercontinental Moorea Resort and the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort. We thought both were amazing, but if you’re looking for a true overwater bungalow experience, the Hilton it is. The Intercontinental has such beautiful grounds though and they’ve just got an update! The garden pool villas there are so private and the personal plunge pool is perfect.

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We found Tahiti to be our least favorite though still beautiful in its own way. For us, it was just too big of an island and too hard to get around. We didn’t like relying on hotel transportation and taxis. There was heavier traffic and a less authentic feeling. We didn’t feel like we were in paradise here. Though we highly recommend an island tour as it’s the best way to see things outside your hotel. The black sand beaches were cool but preferred the white sand ones on the other islands more. Plus we had already been to a couple of other black sand beaches in Hawaii and Iceland and those blew us away. We did do some shopping for our moms at the Pearl market and bought some really amazing pearl necklaces. With that being said, next time we come, we may skip Tahiti altogether. We stayed at the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort and thought it was a little outdated though the food provided was delicious!

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